Cartell Exit Probe 100 ft. Lead

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The GateMate™ (product code: CP-4) is a free exit system that opens your automatic gate so you and your visitors can leave without having to use a remote or key fob or punching a keypad to open the gate.  This is a self-contained system that connects directly to any gate operator without an external output board. Buried beside the driveway, the GateMate™ is hidden and vandal-proof. It covers a 12 foot wide driveway. Cable length is 100′ when hooked to a gate operator for free exit. It only detects moving steel, preventing the gate from being tripped open by animals or blowing objects. It accepts universal voltage (AC and DC), and works with any gate operator: solar or powered. It has the lowest stand-by current in the market, some 85-90% lower than its closest competition. It is the most solar friendly of any free exit system available. American made and supported.

  • Based on magnetometer technology
  • Buried beside driveway, hidden and vandal-proof
  • Covers 12 foot wide driveway
  • Self-contained with no output board to install
  • Lowest stand-by current on market (85-90% lower than its closest competition)
  • Low power consumption
  • Excellent for solar gates
  • Universal voltage AC and DC
  • Electronics full encased in polyurethane
  • Spliceable cable for easy field repairs
  • Five wire model has N.O., N.C. contacts
  • Works with any and all gate operators
  • RFI/EMF protection
  • Five year warranty
  • Made and supported in the U.S.