Polaris iCE-MS: Mobile Switch

$335.00 $260.00

iCE-Mobile Switch


iCE-Mobile Switch is a simple GSM remote mobile switch which can open automated electric gates. The system recognizes your number and sends a signal to open gates. There is no need to scroll through your phone book; simply set up a speed dial on your phone's keypad to open gates. iCE-Mobile Switch unit is user-friendly and easy to install. Only insert SIM card in the iCE-Mobile Switch unit, connect power supply and electric gates you wish to operate, and add authorized users which can remotely control the switch.

  • Free of charge entrance activation
  • Activation from anywhere and at anytime
  • No extra expenses on remote controls
  • Control only by authorized users
  • Up to 50 authorized users can open the entrance with a free call
  • Setup all features using a simple SMS prompt system
  • Optional receiver & module for wireless application
  • Easy set programming software


  • Power supply: 15-24 VAC/DC
  • Current consumption:2A 9peak)
  • Current consumption: 250mA (transmitting mode)
  • Current consumption: 40mA (idle mode)
  • QUAD band GSM module: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • External patch antenna SMA:1